Rep. Forry Applauds Governor’s Efforts to Ensure Massachusetts Remains Top Business Hub

Ken Donovan —  January 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

”For the past six years, Governor Patrick has demonstrated his commitment to supporting small businesses and creating jobs for our residents,” said Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry of Governor Deval Patrick’s announcement regarding major changes to employer fees. “These initiatives are just one more example of positive changes he has made, in partnership with the legislature, to ensure Massachusetts remains a top place to do business.”

“The overwhelming cost of healthcare, especially the Fair Share Contribution, was the number one issue we learned about on my Committee’s Statewide Small Business Listening Tour,” continued Forry.  “I am thrilled to have worked with our state leaders to ease the burden on employers.”

Last July, the Legislature passed a healthcare reform bill tackling a broad range of issues including physical and mental health as well as the importance of preventative care. Importantly, the legislation incorporated a key amendment for small businesses filed by Rep. Forry.  The language excluded employees who already have healthcare coverage through another means such as a spouse or parent from the calculation determining the Fair Share Contribution (a fine on employers for failing to provide insurance to a significant percentage of their employees).

“The Governor’s new plan will further protect employers from several unnecessary and over-burdensome regulations that are currently choking their growth,” said Rep. Forry.

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